Styling with Sustainability in Mind

Fashion as we know it is not sustainable. Approximately 100 billion clothes are produced each year and some brands are even burning unsold inventory. The average closet has anywhere from 200 to 300 items and yet we always feel like we have nothing to wear. Continuing to shop and throw away clothing does not help you develop a true sense of style. You can’t build your ideal wardrobe mindlessly shopping. What you’re building is a temporary closet and I’m here to help my clients build wardrobes they love with sustainability in mind.

Sustainability and Your Wardrobe

You can be sustainable and stylish at the same time. When working with clients I try to recycle as much of their own wardrobe as possible. I love getting creative and coming up with different outfit combinations. When I do need to add new items to my clients wardrobe I only shop at thrift stores, consignment stores, and/or sustainable brands.

Blazer: Goodwill SoCal | Leopard Top: Buffalo Exchange | Denim: Ross Dress for Less | Shoes: Marshalls
It’s Okay to Rent

If you’ve been following me for a while you know I rent a portion of my wardrobe. I’ve been pushing for a more sustainable wardrobe for about a year now. I am aware that I still have shopaholic tendencies. Renting my wardrobe allows me to “shop” without commitments. It’s more sustainable to rent to keep clothing in circulation.

My favorite designer rental service – Rent the Runway
Borrow If You Have To

Borrowing, swapping, and thrifting is how I’m doing most of my shopping these days. Buying something new should be your absolute last resort. Plus I find so many cute things for myself and my clients when I’m shopping at secondhand sources. You should definitely check out Swap Society. It’s a big online closet swap party. Each item you swap gets assigned points and you can use those points to grab something pre-owned.

5 Ways To Build A More Ethical Closet
Style is Personal

At the end of the day, style is very personal and has nothing to do with the clothes. It’s all about your personal interests and tastes. Putting an outfit together is very much like a puzzle. And I’ve built this platform to show that it is possible to have great style while being sustainable. I’m not perfect and I’m not living a 100% sustainable lifestyle, but I am being mindful and more aware. It’s all about taking it slow and knowing what you can commit to.

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Peace, Love, and Style!


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